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I went to the Richmond craft fair a couple of weeks ago and I remember one vendor who had handmade leather pocketbooks that resembled western boots. The lowest priced one we had seen was around $260.00. There were a lot of creative people at this fair and pricing was all over the place for similar items. One thing that had struck my attention was that there was a large amount of inventory on high-end, high-priced items so they must sell enough to justify the cost of fabrication and transporting to all of the shows.

I would say build your brand and then entertain the possibility of wholesale distribution later on when you can get costs down with volume material buying. I'm not sure you could reduce labor on hand made items such as this ($12.00 is too low now), so the only savings I see would come from materials.

I bought a handmade wallet and its come to me my parsel and when i saw it ..It makes me happy because at the low price off 15$ i get a pure leather wallet ...But if you want to buy the special wallet by ordering it will be more expensive...and i think that you are also right that the can made this type of product in just 12$ by your method..Thank !!