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Thread: Software outsource broker?

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    Default Software outsource broker?

    Here is my idea; - Connecting you to better and cheaper programmers. | Home

    The site is not done yet, want to update the "looks" of it, but most of the text I want to be there is in place.

    I know I am not the only one in the world that provides some kind of "middle man" in the outsourcing world but I do have a lot of experience in the field and I hope that there will be room for one more college kid to make some extra money.

    What do you think? I rather be trashed here and improve than to sit around wondering why I get no business.
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    Default Great idea how do you deliver services?

    I have several software projects that need expert help. If you can deliver the expert, you can be the middle man. Certain items that I would personally like to see; is how do you guarantee the work is done properly and to job scope? How do you help define the project to your outsourced help?

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    The first step is to build a portfolio of clients and provide some short term services. If those are ok, the big ones will come naturally.
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    Companies that develop and service their own products (especially in the ICT area) constantly maintain and train their resources to be capable of coming up with solutions on par with latest trends. An alternative is to outsource some of the tasks to another company specialized in a given area.
    Polish companies with practical experience in developing web apps, mobile apps, servers, e-commerce platforms or HTML5 browser games are highly sought-after, having worked for the likes of Samsung, Dodge, Adobe or Discovery.
    Nowadays we can observe that the fear of turning to outsourcing services, so evident only 5–10 years ago, is gradually disappearing. Back then, such companies had no choice but to dedicate a lot of its efforts to convincing potential consumers that outsourcing is safe. Today that time may be used to better understand the consumer’s needs and devise the most appropriate plan.
    Most surprisingly, it was the need to save, caused by the recent financial crisis, that contributed to ending unfair outsourcing stereotypes. In search of savings, a lot of companies took a risk and outsourced their tasks only to realize that it’s nothing to be afraid of. One of those companies was De Persgroep Publishing, who commissioned a Polish company to developer a web and mobile app to manage medal classification during the last Summer Olympics in London. The Gong Creative Agency turned to external teams of experienced developers to create a series of responsive apps, in line with today’s trends and web standards.

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    I spent best part of 20 years running off-shore software development services, mainly from my company based in Romania. There is still a huge demand for this type of service. The main attractions are skills availability and secondly cost savings. Costs have harmonised substantially since I started back in 1999. I don't do this work any longer. Instead I decided to build a product to help small businesses grow.
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