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I'm curious why you use PDFs for quotes? Is there a specific reason? That seems a bit outdated when you could use something like Gravity Forms or Wufoo that's much less of a pain in the a** for you and the client. You can also integrate Gravity Forms with FreshBooks to turn estimates into invoices in a couple clicks. I think this is important because the more difficult something is, the less likely your prospects are to follow through. Using an online form will also give you the ability to track metrics. Additionally, I have a bit of a peeve for downloadable PDF forms. Not only does the user need software to view it, but it takes more time, it's an attachment, they have to find where it saved, etc. Unless there's a good reason, it doesn't make sense.
Gabe, can you elaborate on this a bit. I'm interested in sending quotes, invoices etc. I currently copy and paste a html page into an email and send it to the customer. Some customers strip off the html so the quote looks like gibberish. When I need to I print it as a pdf and attach it to an email. I consider both of these very inefficient, the pdf being the most inefficient time-wise. It takes several steps to create.

I'm assuming Gravity Forms and Wufoo create a customer accessible html page that they can print or print to file etc. Would either of these be of value if the information is taken from a cart plugin for WP? Can they take information from a non WP db / table structure? How do you envision this working for quotes and orders?