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Thread: Do I have to Dissolve or can I Transfer my LLC

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    Default Do I have to Dissolve or can I Transfer my LLC

    Hi everyone I am new to the forum and excited about the information and tips available.

    Ok so my dilemma is I am in the works of starting an online retail store. I currently live in Georgia and was about to get the ball rolling on my business when I signed up for an LLC with my business name. Soon after my plans changed and once my LLC was approved I no longer wanted to go forward with anymore legal paperwork because now I will be relocating to California (Los Angeles Area).
    My question is do I have to dissolve my LLC in Georgia and then resubmit in California or is there a way to transfer my LLC?

    I have no other documents for my business not even an EIN. Once I got the LLC I stopped the whole process and am now planning my relocation. Has anyone else had to relocate after having an LLC? What did you do?

    ALL feedback is welcome. I know we aren't all law experts but I'd appreciate any and all feedback! Thank you!

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    LLCs are state-based constructs granted by the state government. You can't transfer them between states. You dissolve the one in GA and create one in CA.
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    Thanks for your reply! I will make sure to do that


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