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Thread: White hat and Black hat SEO??

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    I would recommend to just forget the terms. Just do what you think will help your readers, audience and customers. Create quality content, promote them anywhere without annoying people, and provide value to anyone.
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    As the name suggests black hat is not a good thing to go ahead with definitely your website will be penalized today or tomorrow. This is something people prefer, if they want to get ranking sooner and they do not care about the ranking after some time may be 1 week or 1 month whatever.
    I have seen some people doing it if their main website got some issue and they are still working on that for ranking on top, then they will create a secondary website and work on that with black hat to get ranking for some time and generate some lead.
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    There is illegal black hat and then there is legal black-hat.
    Illegal black-hat includes things like hacking other sites and installing malware or unauthorized back links. (Please tell me you don't see this as a "victimless" crime.)
    HeadStartSEO is right - people don't share their trade secrets. If there is a really great way of being black-hat, someone won't tell you about it on a YouTube video.

    Black-hats don't always get caught, but if you don't know what you are doing, then you probably will.
    Not only that, but some of the less effective black-hat methods like keyword stuffing makes you look really stupid. I would not hire or visit anyone who wrote like this:
    "At Pappy Pizza we make the best pizza. Our pizzas are made from thin pizza dough. The pizza dough is imported from Italy. Come get your best pizza today at Pappy Pizza. We are looking forward to making your pizza and to see how much you enjoy your large pizza."
    Then there are examples that are even worse:
    "At Cobblestone, builders we pride ourselves builders on being builders excellent builders. Cobblestone has builders an excellent reputation builders."
    I mean, come on! If you have a professional site, or a domain you care about in the slightest, this is not something you ought to be doing.

    Additionally, do you really want links to your site from dodgy websites? Yes, previously webmasters could hide them in the code, instead of displaying them publicly, but with improved algorithms, organic links are much more highly favoured, which means that your link has to appear in the actual body.

    Things like doorway pages are in my mind, much more suited to the much more disreputable industries. If I arrive at a legitimate business from a source that I did not expect, I won't trust that business, especially if it has anything to do with consulting.

    I agree with HeadStartSEO that many things that were considered white hat five years ago, are not considered white hat anymore, especially things like guest blogging.
    The problem is that guest blogging was supposed to be something to be coveted - an opportunity to reach out to other community members and to build solid relationships.
    I doubt that Google is going to penalize small scale guest blogging. If you post on someone else's site once a week, or once a month, that is not spam.
    The problem was, some people saw the opportunity for a quick fix and ruined it for everyone else.
    They started writing "thinly-veiled" marketing material and started syndicating the exact same material widely across many different sites.
    So, in effect, despite the fact that they say that they don't officially de-rank duplicate content, some of the algorithms do check how many times your content appears across a number of sites. It is not a penalty, but at the end of the day, the results are the same, you will be ranked lower.

    All the best with your business!

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    Quote Originally Posted by varunrajan View Post
    White hat seo-Follows google guidelines
    Black hats seo-does not follow google guidelines.some of the black hat techniques are doorway pages,cloaking,hidden text,keyword stuffing.
    UGH!!! I hate people that bring up posts from years ago to link drop
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    These "titles" people put on SEO is dumb. Call it what you want. Most SEO would be considered "Blackhat" if you think about it. G00gle says attempting to manipulate your rankings is against their policy. So anytime you place a backlink anywhere for ranking purposes would technically be "blackhat" in G00gles eyes. Don't forget there is also On-page SEO as well as this Off-page SEO.

    If you posted a great article on your site and I came across it and liked it, then linked to it, that would be a natural link-"whitehat". You had no influence over getting it.
    The other subject you guys mention(sabotage SEO) is called Negative SEO. This is where someone sends tens of thousands of crappy/spammy links to a site in attempt to get it penalized. This is actually harder to pull off than you think and unethical.

    I do blackhat SEO on my sites. If not I wouldn't ever have great rankings and it would take forever(or not at all for that matter). It works great and allows you to rank faster/make more money. Most people are behind on the current methods of SEO and that's how they get caught. Not knowing what they're doing is also a big reason. To use blackhat SEO you have to know what you're doing or you'll get penalized or even worse-deindexed.

    The fastest way to get caught is using crappy Fiverr gigs.

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    Black hat SEO short & sweet is anything that goes against Google Guidelines and tries to beat the system.

    Lots of the popular BlackHat methods (link spam, keyword stuffing) have been penalized by penguin and panda. BlackHat is manipulating the SERPS through unnatural means (pbns or GSA blasts or tiered link pyramids).

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    White hat SEO means performing SEO according to search engine guidelines while black hat SEO means using any technique violating those guidelines in-short White Hat SEO means long lasting SEO using ethical SEO techniques where as Black hat SEO means short term benefits using cloaking, hidden text or bulk links.

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    For this generation now Google is only ignoring spam links while the search engine is continuously updating its algorithm to understand more the users.

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    White hat SEO is the best one to follow but, this is the long term process. It helps to sustain the keywords in the search engine result page.

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    Black Hat SEO definition: Black hat SEO is a practice that increases a page's rank in search engines through means that violate the search engines' terms of service. The term "black hat" originated in Western movies to distinguish the "bad guys" from the "good guys," who wore white hats (see white hat SEO). Recently, it's used more commonly to describe computer hackers, virus creators, and those who perform unethical actions with computers.


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