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Thread: Looking for shopping cart alternatives

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    Ya, I just inflate the price and do free ground shipping. For express shipping I come back and make a second charge when I know what the shipping was, but that is a pain. Sometimes I just guess at the express shipping and error in the customers favor. I'll just say "how's $100 in shipping sound"? They usually go for it and come out ahead in the end.

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    I don’t know what traffic your product has but I suggest to put your product on ebay and configure with your site.. Here I have amazone script witch I can configure with my site just need to find one script in which you can integrate your existing site.
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    I do my shipping based on the dollar amount ordered. When setting it up I looked at a lot of other sites and their amounts to get me started. Then through the years I have "tweaked" it as needed. It is not perfect, sometimes the customer pays more & sometimes I pay more, but it evens out in the long run.

    Another way to do it, depending on your product, is to offer a flat rate shipping amount. I think one of the most important things is that the customer knows in advance what the shipping amount will be.

    Another word of advice- ship in the smallest (but secure) box you can use. I have found going over a certain weight by even 1 ounce can increase the shipping amount by a couple of dollars.

    Also, you can print shipping labels on paypal, which makes it extremely easy if they have paid that way. Their shipping address is already there. I also use the USPS website for printing labels. It is free, just set up an account. I order all my priority boxes online (free) and have them shipped to my home.

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    I have been using Mal's shopping cart for the past 8 years or so on a couple of different sites. The things I like about it are:

    1. It is free. They do have a premium version for $ 8.00 a month but I am fine with the free version.

    2. It is easy to set up without knowing any HTML. If you can create a hyperlink you can incorporate Mals into your site as a shopping cart.

    3. It uses their secure servers so I don't have to fool with any of that.

    4. I don't need to "look for a template that has some similarity to my site" I can just insert a graphic of a buy it now button into a standard page and hook a simple hyperlink to handle the online sale.

    If any of this sounds interesting and you want to check it out the url is Mal's E-commerce

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    Hi @Tamlyn, good to meet you. Going for a vendor lock-in solution like Shopify is not a good choice. I would suggest a from a list of OpenSource e-commerce CMS and shopping carts, you'd find below. Some of them are freeware, some of them are available for on a software as a service base. I would suggest you to review them and decide based on the back end functionality and the design templates you'd find. Then you can get Unmanaged (regular web hosting plan) or to sign up with any Managed service provider which would start developing an e-commerce website for you on top of the software app that you liked most.

    Here is a list of the E-commrce Apps: AbanteCart, PrestaShop, Magento, WHMCS, ShopSite, CubeCart, osCommerce, Loaded 7, Zen Cart, TheHostingTool, OpenCart, TomatoCart, BoxBilling, Avactis, Quick.Cart, LiteCart, SimpleInvoices, X-Cart, CS-Cart, AlegroCart, Open Source Point of Sale, Axis, phpCOIN, Blesta, Zeuscart, SeoToaster Ecommerce, Open eShop, Invoice Ninja, Thelia 2, ClientExec, Shopware.
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