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Thread: 52% of all Small Businesses are now Home Based. Are you one of them?

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    I think the two great challenges facing home based businesses are how to leverage yourself and having a plan.

    To me, I won't engage in a business unless it can produce leverage. Leverage to me means I don't do all the work, even if I'm the only person in the business. One of our clients is a successful online furniture company. They have 2 part-time employees and the owner. They outsource furniture production and shipping. They are responsible for sales and marketing. It's a great business and allows them to stay focused on what they do best. I think out-sourcing is key for home based business owners.

    They also have a well developed plan. At the end of the day, the most critical thing any business owner needs is a plan. If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail.
    "Have a Plan and Make Sense of Marketing"

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    Hi guys

    Absolutely the same type of movement to home business down here in Australia as well.

    We have distributed staff to their homes if not full time, then part time between office and home. t is most definitely a trend, especially with the implementation of the fibre network in Australia to all residential properties (well when I say All that is tongue in cheek of course). We finally are catching up with the rest of the world with regards to internet speeds and quality so this is tending towards small business keeping management from homes absolutely.

    Small business makes up a smaller percentage of the total market here in Australia and I think we tend to have a higher attrition rate for some reason.

    But an interesting discussion indeed. The movement home for businesses is even further extended I have found also with the ability to work from anywhere in the world with VoIP phone systems and virtual services like Fax to Email etc etc.

    Anyway, keep building all...
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    Quote Originally Posted by billbenson View Post
    Small business will continue to grow as you can make more money in general. Working from home will continue to grow as it's more economical even for large employers interested in cutting costs. Brick and mortar in most industries is a dyeing breed.

    On the other side of the coin, however, most people need the structure of going to a workplace. Same with school. Not everybody can just pick up a book or sign onto the internet and learn. I think those are the people that are going to suffer in the coming years.
    Yes, you are right. Most businessmen who are starting up a small business choose to rent office space in the home. I think it is very useful to cut down the cost for the companies. And i laso like to work at this office which likes the home, too.

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    Hello All,

    First started with my own business in 2005, gave it up within the first year as I had no structure. Started my current home biz in 2007, have been going strong since then. Found I needed to have a rigid schedule. So I incorporated this schedule and have not deviated since.

    Alarm goes off at 0555hrs, out of bed 0600hrs
    Bodyweight workout, shower and breakfast 0600 - 0900hrs
    Go to my office space in my home and proceed with e mails, client calls etc 0900 - 1200hrs
    Lunch 1200 - 1300hrs
    Afternoon duties involving clients 1300 - 1600hrs
    1601hrs pc is shut down until following morning, I very rarely go past this time, as I left the workforce (was a cement driver, very irregular and unpredictable hours in this job) to start my own business so I could set my own hours. I believe the key to having a successful home business as with anything else is structure and discipline. After starting my own business and enjoying the freedom of having said business, I would never go back to working for someone else (too many missed family dinners, family outings and most of all too much missed time with my kids, all because my employer needed me for "one more load to deliver").

    Big enough to serve....small enough to care

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    This is a lovely thread.

    I find that having a set list of tasks during the day (planned ahead the day before) allows me to work effectively and not obsess and spend too much time on a single task. I'm also hopefully trying to stop by 5pm, so I can hit my bike and ride some trails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyITGuy View Post
    I started out of a home office and worked there for a year...but it was difficult to define my start/stop times and things I would do during some small downtime. Due to this, I leased some office space and am going on my third year there.
    Now see, I've had the exact opposite experience.

    I've been running my businesses from home for over a decade. Three times I decided to rent an office. The first time I had a larcenous landlord and a disastrous triple net lease. The rent was killing me. (This was during the dotcom bubble in 2000 and there was no reasonable office space to be had anywhere.) The second time the rent was more affordable but I wasn't making enough sales to support the infrastructure. The third time the rent was dirt cheap but I was in a building where the person occupying the office next to me was an obnoxious twit who would not leave me alone. After two years of that I came back home, where I can play music or watch a movie while I work. (Part of what I do is relatively mindless.)

    Home works best for me. I do outsource some things using Fiverr. I have Photoshop work done by students in India and occasionally freelance writing, too.


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