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    Entire story:

    Me and my ex girlfriend were in fairly deep. bought a house together, bank accounts were merged, everything. we broke up a with in the last year, we verbally came to an agreement, nothing wrote down. she with out me being there packed everything into one room. stayed with my parents for a few weeks, then moved out, leaving behind some stuff i said she could store. she came back 5-6 months later and retrieved everything from the house that I was holding on to. she then took items potentially valuing up to 3000 dollars that were agreed were going to be mine, these items came from her parents as a gift, no reciept or anything, her parents moved to a smaller home and had no room and figured I could use them. some were christmas gifts that were to both of us. either way she agreed they were mine, then came back and took them with out even talking to me. they then forced their way into my house, I called the cops, but did not file a report because I figured it was over, let it be.

    I did not tell her to move out, I did not tell her to remove her stuff that I was storing. she did all of this. We broke up because I was not happy, and i tried talking it out with her, but I could not see a future, there was no cheating or any other issue. she also revailed that she didnt feel she could talk to me, so the relationship was going to fail one day. I tried to be civil, I helped her move, so did my parents. when she first moved here she even stayed with my parents for a year, free. I was not rude with her, I tried assisting and helping, she even stayed on my parents phone plan and went to events with my mother.

    she signed a quit claim 1 month after the break up, however is still on the mortgage,she has not lived there since 2 weeks after the breakup, since then I have had to do alot to the house, including redoing the crawlspace due to mold and water build up. also redoing the floors due to both our dogs having so many accidents. (which she took one dog, i took the other). I have not asked for a cent as of yet, and i split our savings with her, the checking, which I showed her was credit card bills for her families presents and the bills for the month we broke up( we broke up mid month)

    I then get a letter from a lawyer, saying she wants the washer and dryer, let them know a date to avoid a complaint being filed for half the equity, and half the possessions we jointly purchased.

    I replied with if she signs a paper saying she will not come after anything else, I will cover all refinancing charges.

    I get back, that she is now going after an elliptical, washer and dryer, and other small items, this part of the contract is also open ended saying and other personal belongs.

    everythign was split and i have nothing that is hers, everything i have was agreed i would keep, minus the stuff she took that I was suppose to have.

    I replied yet again that my deal is i cover refinance, and we are completely through.

    she has no reciepts or proof of any of the items, and for most reciepts are not recoverable.

    im not sure where to go from here, wither to wait and see if she files, get an attorney or represent myself.

    what rights i have, if she even has a case.

    I called some attorneys and they all said she doesnt, but i also know things dont always end up how they should in court.

    any advice or insight? any ideas on what to say if i do represent myself?

    this is in Louisville ky

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    Well this is a small business forum.. Not for personal legal advice (I think) I am also new here so I don't know if it's my place to defend the community. As far as your situation pick the lawyer that you like the most and that you feel will fight for you. Go at her with everything you have and take your lawyers advice. Hopefully it will work out. Good luck

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    I agree with Chris, this is a small business forum. You might want to place your post on a forum more related to personal legal matters. You are more likely to get the information you need.

    Good luck.
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    my apologies, I misread it. It has been a long week. some how I read small claims forum, instead of small buisness forums. fortunatly things have worked out and she is giving in to what I have requested. To let everything go and I will take care of getting her off the mortgage.

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    Good luck my friend. I broke up years ago with someone I lived with and she took everything while I was at work. We're talking tooth paste and tooth brush when I say everything. I hope you don't get screwed in the end.

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    @ OP: Break ups can be difficult, I am happy it seems to be working out for you.
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