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Thread: Employee v Independent Contractor Test

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    I agree with David and Steve. Sales requires product knowledge, a good fit with management and customers, being able to take your boss to a meeting to close the deal if necessary, sales skills, how aggressive he is (that's not always a good skill in sales BTW), etc.

    The best salesman in the country for a beer distributor may, and probably will suck at selling fork lifts.

    Salesmen are driven by money for the most part. And the company hiring the salesman wants more business. As a contractor, you may come in and do well right away but feel you could do better with a different company. As an sales manager, you may feel the contractor is great or not a good fit.

    I think starting out as a contractor is the best of both worlds.

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    i'm in the same boat. Independent driver for a pharmacy...well in a few weeks at least. how is the pay?


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