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Thread: Promotional Products Dealer- Looking to create website

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    TC, aside from pushing the envelope with your post when you're a new member, the email you had posted easily results in an onslaught of spam when email harvesting bots sweep through. I recommend you set up a signature file that will show at the bottom of your posts. You're free to use your web address in the sig which has some SEO benefit and provides an easy way for anyone interested to visit your site.
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    I thank you for your offer. However that conversation would be better suited if sent my private message. I currently have not signed on to anything regarding a website however it is on the immediate horizon.


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    Default Another suggestion

    I have a franchised site that is a cookie cutter of all the other franchisees. Yeah- no personality of me on there. So I built my own $300 a year through SBI. It's ideal if you have little to no html skills because there are lots of tutorials. In fact if you want I can send you one or you can download one from my site for free. For a full search of promo products I also have the Logo Mall through ASI and it is linked through the site. If you call ASI talk to Christina Mendola. If you want to see how I did mine look at I'm no pro at it but for an old goat I didn't do too bad and it suits my purpose.

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    Distributor Central.

    It offers everything you can possibly want for a Promotional Product distributor, including full websites and online shopping via ecommerce store. Check them dont need ASI although the ASI number is nice for credentialing yourself...I retained the membership level basic only, I had been at the logomall level at ASI for their store but there is simply no need. Their search is as good as ESPweb and the store as good as Logomall.

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    Promo marketing also has a similar web site you might be interested, I'm new to the business as well , but I wanted to have my own site, I'm using big commerce I don't know much about wed design but I'm getting the hang of it.
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    If you want an easy way to build your own website at no cost or low cost you could try the really easy to use Weebly website builder weebly dot com (I assume I can't post links as I'm a newbie on here). They have lots of great web templates built in so it makes it easy to find one just right for your look or you can pay for a more premium template if one of their built in ones don't fit your look.

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    I know this is a dead thread, but it ranks pretty well in Google and since 2011, the promotional products landscape has changed.

    Since pretty much anyone can go to a site like ours and buy promotional products as cheaply as possible, the biggest opportunity for small business folks is value added. You don't want to be fighting for margin against companies that straight-up get better deals from suppliers and can afford lower margins because of their scale. That's not something that can last for 10-20 more years.

    I've learned from conventions that the most successful small distributors are consultant / event marketing / wedding planning types who sell everything else but the product (specifically the design or ideas for the product itself). This is changing two things from the old model:

    1) It's practical to just get started right away ordering from online distributors. You don't really need an ASI/PPAI license until you're handling a really large order and difference in commission offsets the fees. As a small business, you might even end up getting your products cheaper from a distributor than a supplier at lower quantities (especially with a discount code). Plus, as an insurance, you'll get better customer service in terms of returns and misprints since bigger distributors need to meet the demands of the B2C world.

    2) You can make a good website like the OP wanted with Wordpress or Shopify. Wordpress is a better option than Shopify for consulting because you want to negotiate price on a basis of value. Shopify is ok if you're primarily selling your design services.

    There are some services for smaller distributors who want to sell online (henryz mentioned a popular one and we're thinking of developing such a program). However, I think the market share for those kinds of businesses will be getting smaller and smaller as people get more tech savvy and just Google for the best price.
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