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Thread: Back links tool and sanity checker

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    I hope you're not counting on Twitter or Facebook for backlinks because both sites use no-follow links. Your blog should probably be your main focus, along with your main website. Submit your blog to blog reputable directories and try to publish the best, most interesting content you possibly can. Try to keep your posts relatively short as well. The attention span of Internet users these days only lasts a few seconds. Top 5 and Top 10 lists seem to do pretty well. For some reason, people are naturally attracted to lists.

    As far a automated backlinking tools, I'd stay away from them. I tried a few when I first started with search engine marketing and they never were worth they money or the time. Automated software tends to get you in trouble so I wouldn't recommend them at all. If you really want backlinks, you're going to have to get them the old-fashioned way, at least if you want to maintain quality.

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    Automated software tends to get you in trouble
    Agreed. I think most of it is garbage. Automation in seo is good at collecting data. It's fine for helping build a keyword list or doing research on who's linking to your competition. However tools that try to offer advice or those that claim to do the work like getting backlinks are generally not worth the time, let alone the price.
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