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Thread: Hey, what is the national bureau of merchant services?

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    Question Hey, what is the national bureau of merchant services?

    I got a call from this guy telling me my mechant account is eligible to process direct with the Visa / Mastercard network as he put it? I've been taking CC and debit with my business for a while now through my bank, but this is the FIRST time I've ever heard that they actually get their rates at a structured-cost through this agency???
    I asked my bank and they TOLD ME THEY DON'T ACTUALLY PROCESS THEMSELVES but out-source to their processing company??? Even though my banker ASSURRED ME i'm getting the best rates possible... I wonder, how can he say that when he couldn't tell me WHY "their processing company" just ADDED ANOTHER FEE?! The guy from this National Bureau showed me where those fees were HIDDEN...and It's ALL VERY CONFUSING!!!

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    I have never heard of this, but if you get more information on it please share. Very interesting.
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    I've been getting a lot of spam phone calls from high pressure companies trying to get me to switch to their credit card processing in the last couple of months. They were all appointment setters trying to set up a time when someone can come out and pitch the merchant service.

    I fell for a merchant services scam once. They wouldn't stop auto renewing. Kind of like the AOL scam of a few years back. I had to close my business checking account to stop autopayments. A real pain in the butt because I had other stuff attached to that account.

    If these are unsolicited calls and you are on a do not call list, they may be illegal. If they want to have someone come to your house to pitch you for something you can do over the phone, they are a scam.

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    They are thieves! Do not sign with them. I just had to close my bank account to avoid them taking more of my money.
    In a nut shell, I have been with them 2 years, only to find out they have been charging "downgrade" charges claiming certain transactions (most of them) qualify at a higher rate. I found that out after I was scammed.
    There is a platform called the vital platform and a new software company I signed with required this platform to process. So I called IRN (aka National Bureau of Merchant Services) and they told me they were on the platform but I needed to fill out other paper work. So I did. Then, I started getting fees deducted for both IRN and another company. I called IRN (aka NBMS) to ask them why I was being charged by IRN if I converted to this CredoMatic (where NBMS is also a sales office for supposedly). They said the sales office "forgot to tell them to close the account" - I called NBMS (the sales office) and they told me to send a letter to close the account I no longer needed since I switched to the vital platform. I sent the letter and then they deducted $1000 for cancelling the account. Even though they said I was still their client and I was never told I was cancelling. I can't get the $1k back. They give me the runaround every time I try to call. I have been in tears twice already. So I had to close my bank account and quickly start up with another credit card processor (an honest one!). It was a nightmare and I just got through it. Actually, it's probably not over, I'm sure they will come after me now for closing my bank account before they took their credit card fees but I was too afraid to leave the account open. With fraud these days, you can't be too careful. I had to protect our assets before they took all the money from our account. I have filed with the BBB and am trying to figure out where else to complain. FCC maybe?

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    Default Thieves - don't join National bureau of merchant services aka IRN Payments

    If you are thinking of switching to a different company - do a lot of research! I just switched to WorldPay and I hope they are good. I had to get out of the NBMS relationship quick so I jumped to a company that was recommended by our reservation software company whom I trust.


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