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    Can anyone help me with a basic proposal layout? I have never written one but have been asked to write one from a big company. I don't know where to begin and I'm overwhelmed very easily.


    oh, it is for a service I am offering the company...

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    Have you tried searching templates in Microsoft word, or googling for them. That is how I find a lot of mine. I can email you one template that I have used int he past. It is not loaded on my company site yet so I figured it would be easier to forward to you. Just send me a private email with your email address and I can forward.
    Tyler Hutchinson
    CEO at Full Circle Business Consulting

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    I met senior accountant when I was visiting Washington, DC last year during the Cherry Blossom season. Anyway, he claimed that he knew how to build a proposal for his boss on demand. The point is: nothing beats experience, and I would recommend that you get somebody to inspect your proposal. Hopefully before you submit. We newbies weren't born with layout and style knowledge. etc.


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