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Thread: Ecommerce, shopping carts and my site

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    Do anyone know anything about Weebly and how we might be able to mix it with an ecommerce site?
    I really think Weebly is a briliant tool that makes it very easy to build websites and means that if you hand a website over to a client who are not particularly IT savvy, that they really can maintain it themselves.

    I've also used WordPress as well and also really like this as a CMS. I consider it easy to use, but I probably put Weebly up there as easier to use from someone with little web site experience. However, WordPress is much more powerful in being able to extend your website when it comes to things like ecommerce plugins/shopping carts and many other wonderful add ons you may want to bolt on to your site longer term.

    As for improving the shopping cart in your Weebly site or having an alternative to wp-ecommerce, this shopping cart provider offers you a cart add in for as both a WordPress ecommerce plugin and as a Weebly ecommerce widget, so if you started off with a Weebly website and changed to WordPress or vice versa, you could keep your cart the same and it would move with you between sites, simples! (as those Meerkats would say). Have a a look at ShopIntegrator as it could be just the extra ecommerce features your were looking to have for your Weebly site: ShopIntegrator Weebly store ecommerce widget

    ...or if your more interested in the WordPress ecommerce instead now: WordPress ecommerce plugin and shopping basket/cart, sell products and sell digital downloads with WordPress

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    Thank you for having this conversation Im trying to look and see what is the best ecommerce for a decent cheap price out there . Have a few questions i like the idea weebly .. easy .. but no search option.. i was taking a look at wordpress and wp-ecommerce, wow that looks confusing and looks like people having trouble with the wp-ecommerce. Im also looking into recommended by vangogh . Im all new to this and trying to understand.. with wp-ecommerce and looks like they charge you.. is that monthly or one time fee? It seems you need wordpress to have either wp-ecommerce and whats the purpose of wordpress.. why do you have to have both?? Sorry if im jumping im trying to get an understanding . I just need a easy ecommerce site for around 100 products for right now that gives me options like search option.. able to set up a certain amount on qty i have a available per item and able to link a certain item i am selling to multiple categories if need be. .. can you help ?

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    The point of using Shopp and WordPress together is you use WP for articles, additional information on products etc. That will help you in the search engine rankings.

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    Both WP Ecommerce and Shopp have one time fees for different things. WP Ecommerce is free, but you'll probably want some of their add on features which cost a little each (again a one time fee for each). It's similar with Shopp, except Shopp will cost $55 to start. Woocommerce is a new shopping cart that people seem to like.

    There are other ecommerce plugins for WordPress with similar setups. They generally come low cost or free if the only payment method you need is PayPal and you don't mind limited features. If you need payment with something other than PayPal or need shipping modules or other features you should expect to pay.

    Figure you can get something that will work for your site for $100 or less.
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    I see from your site you chose Volusion. How has it worked out?


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