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Thread: Anchor text

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    I think what he was saying is that all links are devalued not just by where they are on a page, but that if you are a pr5 page, then you are not getting full juice, it will be devalued and that will be the juice that you get. I disagree with him on the fact that all links are the same. A footer link is not the same as a link in context, just as an ad link is not the same as it is in context. There is a way that they separate it out. I am not sure if you will ever find exact proof of it, this is an article that goes through it, i can not say that it is definitive proof, but it makes really good sense if you think about it. Are all Links Equal?.

    Also Van you are right, all of your anchor text should vary. I know when we start a site we start with five keywords and then branch out after time, we make sure that between any link building campaigns that all anchor text is distributed out. It does not have to be perfect in percentage, since a natural links will not be perfect, but you have to maintain the fact that people will link how they want, and to what pages they are wanting to link to. Each time you build a link you need to keep that in mind so that you are building a link profile that looks as natural as possible. Ask JC Penny what happens when it starts looking unnatural and I think you will find a good answer.

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    I think once upon a time all links from the same page would have been equal, but search engines have gotten more sophisticated since that time. They certainly aren't perfect, but I think they're reached the point where they can tell the difference between an in content link and a link in the footer. It's likely they treat those links differently.

    Where anchor text is concerned it's certainly still a strong ranking signal, however if every link to a page uses the exact same anchor text it does come across as spammy. Hard to see how a search engine can't pick that up and act accordingly. This is just a guess on my part, but I would think they have something where anytime a specific phrase is over X% of all anchor text into the page it sends off a flag and starts having less of an effect of possibly even a negative effect.

    On the other hand I've seen signs of the anchor text on no-follow links contribute to how well a page ranks for that anchor text.

    Ask JC Penny what happens when it starts looking unnatural and I think you will find a good answer.
    Exactly. Of course they'll be able to get their rankings back much quicker than if any of us small guys did the same.
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    Anchor text is very important in SEO because that shows that is used for the link building and inter linking. While making link we have to a keywords so in that case we have to use a proper keywords which we are targeting for the website and then it is create Anchor text based links which helps us to get the ranking higher for that keywords in all major search engine results.


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