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    Jim, I agree. It is a trade-off, but you have to be willing to put up with inconvenience to make things easier for clients/customers. Publishing your email will invite some amount of spam, but it also makes you "approachable" in business. I find it very annoying if the email is not published. From my understanding of the research, you will lose business that way too.
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    I agree too. I used to spend more time masking the emails on my site, but they'd still get scraped and spammed. I decided to make it as easy for my visitors as possible and deal with the spam. In the end we're trading the annoyance factor between us and our clients. I'd rather put it on me. I set up an email solely for contacts through my site and accept that it will get some spam. It's not too hard to find the legit emails and delete the spam ones.
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    I agree, too. I have not only listed an email address, I give my regular firm email address on my site. Yes, i get some spam but the value of the business i have received by being accessible far outweighs the hassle of dealing with the spam.


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