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Thread: New survey about Commercial attitudes on using Open Source Apps like Wordpress

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    Microsoft can't like that!

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    I'm one of those people that use Open Source when ever I first it was for economic reasons, but lately it has become more about convenience and functionality.
    Microsoft is the biggest reason for me...the constant updates on their products are a real buzz kill and half of the time I have no idea what they are really installing on my computer.

    Microsoft office products, especially Outlook, were just to processor heavy..not much of an issue now that faster processors and bigger RAM is cheaper, but I see no reason to drop $700 now on the suite when Sun's Open Office has served me just fine over the years.

    As far as web publishers go, I don't see anyone tapping the market share that Wordpress has for a long time...they have gotten a huge lead on just about everyone and it works great.
    MS's website builder was a joke and then they just dropped it.

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    I've even gone a step further and gone to Linux. I haven't purchased any software in several years. Its a pain to configure and get some software working though, so its not for everybody. But with the price of windows etc so high and you need to keep buying updates for me it was worth the change.


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