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Thread: Some More Questions About Business Phone Numbers

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    Default Some More Questions About Business Phone Numbers

    After reading the last thread I made about business phone numbers, I feel it is necessary. I do not like traditional landlines anymore since cell phones are far superior nowadays.

    Is it possible to get a business cell phone that is a toll free number?

    Would you recommend just getting a toll free number that forwards calls to my current personal cell phone (since this is a one person business)?

    I am also curious to see how you guys handle your business phone needs...
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    I am not 100% sure, but i think that you can have a toll free number forward to any number that you nominate. Be it a Cell, landline, or maybe even VOIP number. The one thing that you may find is that the costs to you in having a toll free number may be higher if the calls are sent to a mobile rather then a landline.
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    I You can direct your 800 number to a cell if you wish. Mine is on weekends.

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    Something I just read about this weekend is Grand Central. Looks like Google recently bought the company. I'm not entirely sure how it works, but the gist I got from the article is that you get a phone number tied to you and not your specific location. When someone calls that number it will ring on any other phone you let the system know about. When you pick up the call it tells you where it's from and gives you the option of answering or letting something like voicemail pick up.

    Seems like a way to use one central number, yet have it ring on your nearest phone. That way as a small business you don't have to use your home # or cell # publicly.

    Again know that all my information is coming from a quick blurb in a magazine and I can't really say what this services is all about. The above is simply my impression based on the little I read.

    Seems like it could be a useful option for some.
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    Default Business Phone Numbers

    We currently use We are able to record voice mailbox messages and it forwards to our cell numbers when we are out of the office. It's very affordable, too.
    So far, no problems (at least I hope not...LOL...if I'm not getting a voice mail, I may not know.)
    Has anyone heard of them before?
    I know as we grow we will have a dedicated line for the business once we feel we have the need but for now this works for us.
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