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Thread: Buidling a Shopping Cart, what Books can you recommend?

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    I used a product called phpcart. it is pretty easy to use and modify.

    you can see it in use at my site Reflo Ltd - a smart alternative to sippy cups

    I think it cost 20 or 30 bucks.
    Pete - Reflo Ltd - A smart alternative to sippy cups

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    From a cost perspective, it's a lot cheaper to buy a shopping cart, or use a freely available one, then spend your time customizing it. Otherwise, you will be re-inventing the wheel. I use Sunshop for my clients, but many others are good. If you get most / all of the source code, you can modify the features as you wish.

    I'm a professional php / mysql programmer, but I didn't "roll my own" shopping cart for 2 main reasons:

    1. Features - take a look a the features offered by any of the full featured carts out there. The admin / management interface, front end user features, shipping modules, payment modules, etc. Building even a stripped down cart is going to take dozens of hours.

    2. Security - shopping carts deal with sensitive credit card and personal data (names, addresses, etc.). Now with PCI requirements coming up, the bar is being raised higher for websites to protect this information, and handle it correctly. Unless you really understand how hackers can attack these systems, you can easily leave some holes open for a security breach.

    Probably a third reason is that I personally don't like writing code for things that have already been done. I'd prefer to modify / add features, and focus on the unique aspects of the site that require custom programming.

    In any event, good luck with the project. You will learn a lot by taking on new challenges.

    Jim Roberts
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimr451 View Post
    From a cost perspective, it's a lot cheaper to buy a shopping cart, or use a freely available one, then spend your time customizing it.

    Totally agree with Jim. Unless you are doing it because you are bored or for a research project why do it? Also, the good shopping carts that are out there also are optimized for SEO rankings also. If you just want to play with .php files, all shopping carts allow you to customize their templates, panels and snippets. You can rent by the month or buy one outright.
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    I believe the original poster asked for recommendations on books regarding building a cart. His question wasn't a recommendation for a cart, which is the best cart etc.

    @OP: I've seen books on this but I don't recall what they were.


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