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    Is it possible to get insurance for doing Jobs without setting up a complete business IE: LLC, S-Corp etc.. Like if you wanted to do certain jobs for people and needed insurance to qualify to make a bid as a contractor. I'am specifically talking about contracting jobs like flooring, electrical, plumbing etc... and so on. I'd like to get a better setup then just renting an address and filling every thing out to get a legitimate LLC/S-corp. I plan on setting everything up but I'm looking to get a shop first and such and don't want to rush it but also don't want to lose Jobs in the meantime.

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    Yes, there is many a sole trader out there with business insurance. I don't think you'll struggle at all.
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    You might be able to get the insurance, but establishing a business first will protect your personal assets. Otherwise, if the insurance doesn't cover a claim, you would be personally responsible for payment. Especially with the type of contracting work you are doing, set up the corporation before taking on any large jobs to protect yourself! (You can always change the address later.)

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    I understand what your saying and it would be short term, I looked into it and it seems when I get past an actual quote they start to ask for my business address etc.. Anyone know of specific companies? Im in Illinois which is one of the harder states to do this in unfortunately


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