Hello everyone,

This may be a "noob" question but I figure I ask here because I still can't seem to find a good accurate answer. I have a very small eBay business I run on the side. It's been making some money, but I've never taken any money out from it for my personal use. I plan on keeping the income I earn from this side business as an investment. I plan on putting it in a Robo mutual fund, like Betterment or something like that.

So my question is, how do I record something like this in Quickbooks? And, do I report the income to the IRS come tax season next year, even though I've never taken a dime out from it? I plan on having a book keeper look over the accounts just to make sure all is good, but I just want to know how this all work?

Thank you all and I would really appreciate any guidance on this.