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Thread: Need Advice Whether To Copyright or Trademark My T-Shirt Design

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    Smile Need Advice Whether To Copyright or Trademark My T-Shirt Design

    Hey guys,

    I'm a graphic artist and recently came up with a design for tees and other merchandise available on Redbubble.
    I would like to inspire a social movement based on the sentiment of a 2 word phrase that's been used online
    but in which I created a very specific design for.

    For instance, the design is very specific to the Christian community with the letter "T" in one of the words turned into a cross.
    I have seen the 2 word saying used elsewhere, as a German group has some social media channels with it, and one
    American blog has a registered domain but it hasn't been active since 2014.

    I guess I'm sort of in the middle trying to figure out whether it's best to just copyright my design instead of
    trademarking it? But I'm not very knowledgeable of the differences other than a work of art can be copyrighted.

    It's not a logo for a business. But I do want the design to hopefully catch on as a social movement. I don't
    necessarily need the phrase to be totally owed by me, but there is definitely a difference in how one letter in
    a word was spelled using a crucifix.

    Sorry for rambling! Hope I didn't make this more confusing. But I want my design to catch on similar to how this
    design caught on a few years back. Not sure if the guy could trademark the word "OBEY", but I'm sure he must have
    copyrighted his design so that no one could recreate it and sell stuff. Is that what I should do rather than trademark it?
    Hope you can give me a little guidance. Thanks in advance!
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