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Thread: How to properly add a new office location in GMB?

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    Question How to properly add a new office location in GMB?

    We are a driving school. We started with one office location that we have had on google now for 4 years. We want to add another office location in another city, same company, same business..same everything, just another location.

    In trying to figure out how to do this in google my business, I cannot. As usual, google constantly fiddles with layouts and terminology..even articles written only 1 year ago are outdated....all the articles I could find were outdated..and super super confusing.

    Can somebody please point me to an updated how-to on how to add a new location to an existing business (rather than start a new busienss) or tell me how to do it here?

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    Nobody here knows anything about Google My Business settings? wow.

    Please..I'm so overdue here my boss is going to KILL me.... When setting up google my business for a new location...NOT a new business...just a new location of the EXACT same company, same name..same product...There are 3 options from the business locations page 1. add new business 2. add single business 3. import business. which is correct?

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    On the left hand side you should see a menu bar that says:


    Click Info. You can edit your address there.

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