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Thread: Looking for Missouri business permitting information

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    Default Looking for Missouri business permitting information

    I am in the very early stages of planning a junk hauling business in southwestern Missouri. There's lots of junk around my area so I have began to form a scale scale business plan around taking junk (scrap metal, trash, etc.) from homes to junkyards/waste disposal stations. I will not be storing any of the junk on my property.

    Anyways, does anyone know what, regulations and permits might apply to this business. I have looked through the MO DNR and DOR websites and so far found regulations relating to scrap tires, storing waste on a property, scrap yards, and the sale of ferrous and non ferrous metals but nothing specifically applicable to my business plan in general at a statewide level. I understand that counties and cities have their own regulations and have looked through them.

    Any help or resources you all have on permitting or junk hauling in general would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey SPM099,

    I havn't started a junk-hauling business per say, but I've started 2 - 3 businesses in different industries so I've had to work through similar questions when starting up. Since your not storing any of the material you'll be hauling, I think your strategically avoiding most the regulations but you will definitely need to look into a standard operating license from your town or city. It's usually called a general business license and costs less than $140 to obtain on your own (look at your local city gov website under taxes. You'll also need to look into the local requirements around collecting what is called "sales and use tax" so make sure to check that out. As you start operating you learn about more obscure/nuanced registrations you need, and most folks acquire these as you go vs. try to get everything upfront. Hopefully this makes sense, good luck man!


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