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Thread: Why is office space almost ALWAYS llisted in price per sq. foot?

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    Default Why is office space almost ALWAYS llisted in price per sq. foot?

    We are a small company looking to get a small office in a new city.

    Why is it that landlord/brokers almost NEVER list office space by the actual cost per month? They virtually always list it by cost per sq. foot...are they suggesting that they will tear-down, put-up walls to adjust the space? Is this some marketing gimmick?

    We need a new office..we would like to see offices listed by cost-per-month but this is almost NEVER done..why why why?

    I'm really upset here..i'm crazy angry at this process. me understand why brokers are so bloody stupid? No way they are gung-ho to tear-down walls or put up new ones..why the craze for listing offices by sq. foot?

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    One of the reasons I can think of is, that in most multi-tenet facilities, they allocate operating costs, property taxes and costs associated with common areas based on the square footage each tenet is leasing.

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    I think it's priced that way so you can do an "apples to apples" comparison on the cost of the space. Usually, people search for a specific amount of space to rent based on their needs, so given two areas of roughly the same size, the cost / s.f. simplifies the comparison. If you are focused search on offices that are only a certain size range (say 4-5000 square feet), then the cost/sf would be much more useful.

    Simply knowing the total cost of a space isn't enough information to make a decision. If "Office A" is twice the size of "Office B" but half the price per square foot, then the monthly rent of each space would be identical. However, you would get twice as much square footage with Office A, but Office B is probably nicer overall and/or in a better part of town. That's why the rent in Office B would be twice as much.

    Hope this helps you a bit!

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    Very annoying lol


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