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Thread: Need Help With Facebook Group Page

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm just starting a new marketing business. I'm working on my Facebook business page. It hasn't been published yet.
    Someone suggested that I start a group page for the niche that I will be marketing to. So I created a page and invited a few
    people. So far it's up to nearly 20 members. However, later on I realized that I mistakingly created the group page from my
    personal FB page and not the business one.

    My business coach said this could be a problem because it gives the appearance that I wasn't transparent with them and that I'm
    trying to bait and switch members to buy my services. My sincere goal was to just help out my small business community and
    create relationships. So it's the last thing I want to do!

    My question is this: Is there anyway I can delink the group page from my personal page, and link the group page to my business one?
    (And not lose any members in the process!) I can't seem to find the answers to this. Hope I'm making sense! Any help would be deeply
    appreciated. Thanks!
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    I do Income Taxes for locals. I focus on adding new Facebook local friends.
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    Selecting Facebook as advertising source is good one. We can DM the friends and followers to get more business.
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