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Thread: Going legitimate online resale in Florida

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    Default Going legitimate online resale in Florida

    I have been reselling on eBay for a while now and I am starting to get connect with Walmart marketplace to sell and then want a legitimate business with a tax id number website etc.

    I have the sales on eBay no problem there I知 doing well but on Walmart I can make a larger profit on some items and a larger market for some items but I need to get a tax I壇 before I can continue on with my next step.

    My question is I知 not sure what exactly what I need or where I need to go for proper paperwork Certificates license etc

    Any information in the right directions is greatly appreciated or something I知 doing wrong please point them out

    Bobby from Florida

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    The Department of State usually handles the paperwork for starting a business. In Florida, it looks like that info can be found at:

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    Okay thank You for the link!

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    yeah once you form your company you can then apply for your ein / tax id, company formation varies state to state you can use an accountant or a company like incfile to do it for you but basically here in MA you go to state secretary site, fill our formation form upload documents.. pay the fee then after you get the paper work you sent that to the irs.. then you'll receive a tax id between 2-14 weeks
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    Florida Sales & Use Tax is what they are requesting

    Florida Dept. of Revenue - Florida Sales and Use Tax (
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