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Thread: Searching for Los Angeles businesses for a paid global docu-series.

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    Default Searching for Los Angeles businesses for a paid global docu-series.


    Please forgive me if I'm breaking any rules by posting this. Feel free to suggest a better place.

    Im working with a well-known, prestigious financial service on a docu-series featuring small business owners in Los Angeles.
    Were searching for Small Business Owners with an eye for growth and innovation.

    The docu-series is scheduled to be shown world-wide on the internet and most social media platforms for 1-2 years.

    A film crew will be traveling to selected cities and discussing small business finance with selected SBOs regarding their business.

    All selected businesses will receive $1000.00 US for their participation in the filming of this project.

    This is open only to small businesses and their owners physically based in

    Los Angeles, CA
    Mexico City, Mexico
    London, England

    To qualify for consideration:
    - SBO must be english speaking.
    - Brick and Mortar or Design/Work Studio. (need interesting places to film.)

    - Business must be 10-500 employees.
    - Business must be a minimum of 5 years old.

    Complete submission should include:
    - A showcase video if you have it, but not necessary.
    - A written statement about what your business is and what it does.
    - 1 photo of SBO (candid is fine)
    - 2 photos of business
    - Homepage Link
    - Instagram / Twitter / Facebook (if applicable)
    - LLC Name / Year founded
    - Business address
    - Number of employees
    - Contact information

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    The deadline for submission is Friday, March 12th, 5pm PST.
    But the sooner the better!

    We look forward to meeting you.

    Tim Harrington

    Beverly Hills, CA 90212

    Feel free to google my casting service. I'm real and this offer is real.

    And feel free to direct message me for more info.

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