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Thread: Where are you focusing your Internet Marketing in 2021?

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    Default Where are you focusing your Internet Marketing in 2021?

    It's early in the year and I was wondering where you are planning to focus your internet marketing and why? What has worked for you best so far?

    My business is new, so I'm starting from zero this year. I'm planning to focus on:
    • building an email list (still working on ideas and the creation of a lead magnet to offer)
    • blogging (sharing a post a week)
    • social media (specifically LinkedIn and also for now non-paid)

    I've read a lot about email lists and how powerful it is to have one. It does make sense to have one because this reduced the dependencies on other platforms. Facebook, Google, etc. keep on changing their rules and algorithms, so having an email list with people who get value out of the content I create is definitely an asset.

    At the same time, social media powerful and where people are. Ignoring it sounds like a bad idea. That's why I want to have part of my marketing efforts on social media platforms as well.

    As for the blog, I do love sharing information. On top of this, having valuable content is good for SEO.

    Looking forward to reading about your internet marketing focus for 2021.
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    I do Income Taxes for locals. I am focusing my marketing with Facebook locals.
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    Hi, 18 of the best ways to market your business in 2021
    • Optimize for Google's next update.
    • Prepare for the end of third-party cookies.
    • Foster first-party relationships.
    • Focus on customer retention.
    • Follow statements of purpose with action.
    • Build trust.
    • Grow communities.
    • Optimize for voice search.


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