Dawn Fields here. Apparently, I've been a member since 2015 and completely forgot about this site.
I was cleaning out my inbox today from one of my "not often used" emails and noticed my registration confirmation to this site.
So I signed in and instantly kicked myself for letting this fall between the cracks.
I guess it is God looking out for me because I just started a new business and this pops up.
How awesome is that!
Well, let me tell you about my new business. When I say "new"...it's BRAND NEW!
I create turnkey profit centers for businesses and organizations using joint ventures.
What this means is, I market your business for you, using my resources and my money, and bring you profits.
You don't pay me anything unless and until I bring you money.
And even then, you get the lion's share of the profits.
The cool part about it is, it doesn't cost your company any money at all cause I do all the work and shoulder all the expenses.
I am actually looking for my first client and hope to find someone soon.
Maybe you would like to be my first client. Who knows? I truly believe I can make any business a huge profit.
I hope to contribute to this forum and also to learn all I can.
Looking forward to getting to know you!
Be blessed, stay awesome and remember to make it a great day!
Dawn Fields