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Thread: Earn $1000s per month in PASSIVE INCOME for just a few hours of work

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    Default Earn $1000s per month in PASSIVE INCOME for just a few hours of work

    The pandemic has accelerated an already-flourishing trend of businesses going digital, 76 percent of small businesses are relying more on digital tools than ever before. This shift has created new opportunities for businesses to generate growth with online reviews, personalized retargeting, and contactless customer engagement.

    Now is the best time to expand your digital offerings and we’re here to help. We know times are difficult so we’re happy to announce that Version 2 is available now and offers more features to help any business adapt to the digital world.

    In addition to our Review Funnel, which has been proven to earn $250-$1000/m per client, we have a new suite of services that work seamlessly together to generate even more passive income:

    Review Booster - Increase online presence

    Data Collection - Understand customers better

    List Building - Connect with existing customers

    Pixel Retargeting - Track behaviours and actions

    Loyalty Program - Create lifetime customers

    Build your custom online review booster in less than 1 minute!
    Get started by visiting

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    Hello Brandloyal,

    Thanks for sharing crucial idea to earn money.


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