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Thread: E-mail Service vs Your Own SMTP Server

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    Default E-mail Service vs Your Own SMTP Server

    Howdy, I'm new here. I have collected many emails over the years as I have been running a recruiting business in the US. I probably have millions of resumes, although I haven't counted and organized them yet.

    I'd like to bulk email them one day. However, most email services require that I build a list through them. Well... I already have a list. It's not a junk list. My email methods will not violate the CAN-SPAM act... already consulted with an attorney.

    So... I think I need to set up an SMTP server and use Mautic to deliver.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Am I getting in over my head? Am I missing something?

    Any advice or anecdotes or even cheeky comments are welcome.

    Thank you.

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    Looking for the mass mailing tool I had the same requirements. Since the interface of email services, as well as the software, are equally intuitive, so the key point for me was the price and set of flexible features.

    Thus, pay attention to a program Atomic Mail Sender. First, because of the price: unlike email services, you pay (80) only once and sent emails without limits using any SMTP you want.Moreover, the software has useful features like free email templates, spam check, postponed sending, HTML and visual newsletter editor, list management perfect for promo, and outreach email campaigns.
    Also, you can buy it with 25% OFF using a promocode SUMMER25

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    Check Cape Software - based out of South Africa

    They sell an inexpensive software that turns a Windows PC (even an old one) into a Mail Server.

    It has been several years since I used the software, but, when I did, it was an excellent.
    Dave Lambert, Business Consultant

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    Thanks for helping with this!

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