My name is Michael Overzat and I run two businesses:
Precision Digital Media, LLC
Bizwami, LLC

I'm very excited to put up my first post. I didn't realize how much great content is here; Business owners and entrepreneurs who are hungry to get ahead, network, and spread positivity.

My 3 big skills are:
Sales (b2b)
Digital Marketing
And ERP systems like Zoho (total business systems)

Back in 2015, I started marketing for a large independent print publisher. This drew my attention to the advertising sector. After learning a lot of b2b marketing and diving into digital marketing, I started a web design company in 2017.

After learning about the extensiveness of CRM and total business systems, I started to learn about zoho one.

This led into me starting Bizwami, LLC and taking up a lifestyle of high ticket consulting.

I love to help business owners make more money, hit their targets and improve their systems and processes.

Below is some recent content I wrote. Enjoy, and let's connect.

How to get started in High Ticket Sales.