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Thread: Challenges of Starting a business

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    Did you know that 90% of startups reach their demise within the first five years? Of course, you donít want to be another number in those stats.

    Entrepreneurship is on the high tide. It is easy to find investors and convince them to fund your startup. In this era, starting a business can be simultaneously a piece of cake and challenging. Easy because there are so many resources that can help you learn and move forward. Moreover, challenging, because several pitfalls mark your way when you are starting a business.

    Despite the popularity of entrepreneurship, there are some common business challenges that need to be addressed ó listed below are some startup challenges and issues that entrepreneurs are facing. By working on these business challenges, youíll be able to create a startup culture that will nurture employees so that they can build a product worth marketing.

    1 Cliff-Hanging Competition
    2. Idealistic Expectations
    3. Hiring the Right People
    4. Cyber Security
    5. Winning the hearts of Customers
    6. Poor Communication & Technological infrastructure

    Read more about the Challenges of starting a business

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    What are the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face when starting their own business? ...
    Developing the Vision and Business Idea. ...
    Assembling a Business Team. ...
    Raising Capital for your Business. ...
    Finding the Right Business Location. ...
    Finding Good Employees. ...
    Finding Good Customers. ...
    Dealing with Competition.

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    One of the main challenges when starting a business is a combination of overwhelm and lack of focus. The video below describes how to remove overwhelm, gain focus and grow your business. As motivational speaker Jim Rohn wrote: "Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practised every day".

    How to get rid of overwhelm and gain focus
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    The biggest problem every Entrepreneur face while starting business is to maintain the buying and selling of products. Sometimes people buy products in large amount which can,t be sale at the proper time disturb the overall finance system. Its better to get some business ideas from sites like bizex those who are working in this field from years.

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