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Thread: Taking accountant to small claims court

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    Default Taking accountant to small claims court

    Hey everyone -

    I had an accountant royally screw up my taxes to the point I would have to pay the Fed $5000 in taxes and $1000 in penalties. I called her up about it and she proceeded to blame me for it, which makes no sense at all.

    So, I had another accountant fix her work. Honest, nice guy. I got $2200 back from the fed.

    Why, as a business owner, would I want my taxes done in a way that results in a $8200 loss?

    So I confronted her with that (including the paperwork from my accountant and the IRS) and told her she could refund me, file a claim with her E&O insurance, or we could go to court and talk about it.

    She blew me off and said she doesn't care.

    So, I want to take her to court to get the $1000 in accounting fees she charged for shoddy work.

    I have a pretty clear and convincing paper trail that points back to her. I've never been to small claims court.

    What're your thoughts on the situation?
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    I think it's a lost cause. I would give her negative reviews online, let it be, and just focus on your day-to-day business. Just my opinion.

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    Winning in small claims court is easy Collecting your many is almost impossible.
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