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Thread: LLC dissolved due to not filing annual report. Should I just start a new one?

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    Default LLC dissolved due to not filing annual report. Should I just start a new one?

    I started an LLC in Florida a few years back. Due to personal reasons, I was unable to start the business. The LLC was administratively dissolved due to not filing an annual report. I looked at the fees associated with reinstatement. I would have to pay around $377. This would include the reinstatement fee ($100) and 2 years of annual report fees ($277) for a total of $377.

    It is $125 to start a new LLC. I would like to keep the name, but it is showing unavailable because the state hold the name for 1 year if it is dissolved for not filing an annual report. I'm not sure if I can contact them to see if I can get it voluntarily dissolved to free up the name.

    One thing I did not do is publish the LLC in a newspaper at the time of formation. Can I still do that now if I do the reinstatement?

    Should I just opt for the new formation of an LLC? I don't want to change the name as I've setup accounts with vendors with that LLC name.

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    Officially dissolving an LLC is important because, if you don't, you can be held personally liable for the unpaid debts and taxes of the LLC. Many states levy a fee against LLCs each year and, if you don't properly dissolve a company, that fee will continue to be charged.

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    Pay the fees for reinstatement and chalk it up to business experience.


    Change the Name slightly and registered a new - Example , if your old name was LLC , Register and go with L.L.C.
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