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    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for a free CRM software that is similar to sales forces. The main aspect I am trying to achieve is to neatly organize all of our clients and their properties (we have many clients with multiple properties - I would like to organize the properties under each client) along with side notes detailing any important factors in our recent encounters. As of right now, we have been using excel to accomplish this. However, over time, as more notes got added it started to look messy and difficult to navigate for some users. Moreover, as many of you know excel is great but does not have the efficiency of CRM software. Your replies will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    We’ve all heard about CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management.

    Customers are important as no business exists without its customer base. And, of course, the way a company manages its customer database determines its business success.

    But, let’s talk about the “R” in “CRM”.

    Relationships are, by far, the most important part of the trendy acronym – CRM.

    Why? Because relationships are a bridge between your business offering and your customer needs.

    In fact, the majority of businesses that consider adopting a CRM system, first and foremost, are looking for a way to improve the quality and consistency of their relationships with customers and build customer loyalty.

    This means that they want to improve their core business processes – managing contact information and streamlining their relations with customers.

    According to Software Advice, contact management is the number one feature that is requested by 88% of CRM users, followed by the ability to track customer interactions (80%) and schedule tasks and set up reminders (75%).


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    Free and good CRM programs don't exist.
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