Paying Simply’s vision is to provide cost-effective, on-time bill pay solutions to the everyday person and reduce the burden of keeping track of the various household service providers and utilities that need to be paid. We simply want to make this area of your life easier to manage.

According to BusinessWire, 46% of people in the US have been late on a bill within a 12 month period. That means late fees and penalties affect nearly half of us. And that's unacceptable. We also found the average person spends around 60 minutes a month or more plodding through their bills, making sure the amounts are right, logging in to websites, filling out checks, and more managing their monthly household bills. We automate the bill pay process for you and ensure everything is paid on time, give you peace of mind, and time back in your busy life.

To provide additional value we also give you monthly updates on all your managed accounts, variances from prior months, remind you when any contracts are up, give insights on potential savings, and can assist setting up new accounts and switching providers.

We also offer 1 month free for new subscribers. See how we can help you. Check out our FAQS.