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    Default troubles with writing

    What do you do when you have troubles with writing? Do you use services?

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    Oh, it's a complicated question. Everything depends on the hardness of that task and the deadline. I like writing everything myself, becuase it helps to improve my skills. A few days ago, I finished writing my first memo( it was a college task), and I managed to do it myself. It was hard at the beginning, but then on this site, I found an excellent memo example and other useful info, which helped me greatly.

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    Cool, I wasnt sure if this forum was active or not. I like to you Google Docs for help writing, I am currently at a Hospital Long Term and trying to get my online business off the ground. I got everything where it needs to be so far. I am a bit horrible with Grammar but I am good with my business of Text Messaging. I have learned so many things about what not to do, but thank God I finally found High Retention, Residual Income. Would be really cool to open up a Funnel. I am liking this forum! Hope you all are having a Good day!


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