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Thread: Need advice. How to make exclusive deals with Chinese companies

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    Default Need advice. How to make exclusive deals with Chinese companies

    I have an idea of a product I want to make. There is no such product on the market yet. I have the concept and a very amateurish prototype that shows what I need the product to be.
    But I then need the following.

    What I will do:
    1. All marketing on web etc
    2. Setting up website
    3. Creating logo

    What I need

    1. A person that can do the advanced prototype, send it to me , make adjustments etc
    2. A factory that can produce a lot. Lets say 10 000 units at first.

    I was looking around and I see that several companies in China sell bulk of products that have the same materials that I need.

    My plan is to contact one of these companies and ask them to make a prototype, and then I will buy a lot form them

    My only concerns are:

    1. If they make the design, then there is a possibility that they will make a knock off and sell on or wish, right? Is there any possible way to make an exclusive deal with a random company like this?
    2. There would probably be easier to start an Ecommerce business having the Chinese company send the product directly from china. But to find a company that design produce and send out will be difficult right?

    Its a product not for everybody and just for a small market maybe from 10000-300000 people I guess.
    Its actually an accessory to an already existing product. I think it will be hard to do the marketing to this group from a Chinese company,but Im just worried that when they see the idea they will just sell it on alibaba or wish anyways.
    But I just wonder. I see products all the time that are unique and no one makes copies of it. What kind of deal do you need to set up to make and sell products exclusively?


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    Why Chinese companies? Why not look for a local job shop for 50-100 units as a prototype and take it from there?
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    try fiverr for prototype design. or someone local. also consider actually going to china to find a supplier.


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