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Thread: Use my phone number as my brand and domain?

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    Default Use my phone number as my brand and domain?

    I just scored a great 888-xxx-xxxx vanity number for my niche. Should I use it as my new website name to create a unified brand like 800-Flowers? The vanity name is my exact niche.

    Or is that a sub-optimal approach? I can get the niche name as a .net domain name if I buy it at a 2k cost, or I have some alternative names that are niche-adjacent but not ideal. The only good ones left are 16-17 characters.

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    I think the reason 1800-Flowers is successful is because of the brand recognition.

    The entire company is 1800-Flowers, not just the domain.

    If your brand is the vanity number like 1800-Flowers, then i would say sure, its worth it.

    But just to clarify, a vanity # would be like 1800-WEBSITE or 1800-HAMMERS

    A domain with 1866-255656 (that's useless). I would not waste your money on an all number domain if that's what you are referring too in your post.
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