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Thread: Marketing my Income Tax business

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    Default Marketing my Income Tax business

    I am focusing my marketing for my Income Tax business to Facebook. I can get local contacts and build a relationship with them
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    Hi Chris,

    The thing with income tax services is that alot of your clients will come from referrals. (as you definitely know).

    If you're looking into marketing on facebook, the #1 thing you should be focused on is finding people who are actively seeking your service.

    In other words, just showing ads to someone who facebook says is interested in income taxes will most likely cost alot of money (to get a lead) and probably yield few clicks as this is not necessarily a high search volume topic.

    The best way to use Facebook i think would be through a remarketing strategy.

    Here's how that would work...

    1. You create a blog about income taxes (something helpful and that provides value)

    2. Everyone who visits that page, put them into an audience list

    3. Create a remarketing campaign showing ads to only those people who clicked into your blog post.

    What this will do is help you narrow down your ads to people who are actively seeking information and help with income taxes.

    This is a strategy we implement for clients and it has a decent success rate.
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    Thank you so much for your help. Facebook relationships is the key to my marketing. I did this this year and learned a lot on how I will do it next Income Tax season.
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