Hi Everyone,

Iíve recently joined this message board and have really enjoyed the few exchanges so far and love the camaraderie here. Although I work full time for a company, Iíve had my own business for a few years holding event seminars helping small business owners with their marketing and sincerely find this more fulfilling.

Iíve been in marketing for over 30 years and have seen more changes in the last 5-7 years than all previous years combined. Currently, I head the marketing department for a home repipe company (Repipe Specialists) serving customers in 14 States. Prior to that, I was responsible for all national and local marketing for a tire store franchise (Tire Pros) with over 400 locations in 35 States.

As Iím planning some new event dates for the new year, I would appreciate any feedback regarding your main marketing challenges, as Iíd like to incorporate them in my 3 hour bootcamp discussions to address.

More specifically, main marketing challenges can be either:

  1. LACK OF RESULTS Ė slow days of the week, not enough new customers, not selling enough higher margin products, etc.
  2. KNOWING WHAT MARKETING/ADV TO UTILIZE AND HOW Ė having a website but no traffic, what medium to use on a consistent basis, how often to advertise, etc.

Since I only speak to 30-75 business owners at a time, surveying your individual needs would dramatically help.

My website link below will show you what I typically cover during the seminar, found under the top page navigation BOOTCAMP OUTLINE


Thanks for your time, and I hope to meet more of you here.