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    Hi I am going to be selling on Amazon and I have found that the North American and Canadian prices for products like flash drives are too high for my budget.

    I have seen on the Internet that there are a number of Asian sites that sell products e.g. Ali Baba , DH gate and others.
    What I would like to find out is how good and reliable are they and their products compared to US and Canadian products.

    Also if I Ali Baba or others are okay are there any companies that are better than others or are there any that I should avoid ?.

    Thanks for your help

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    Alibaba should be OK. I don't know anything about DH Gate. Alibaba has a guarantee so if you get taken they will make sure you get your order. I have had a couple of dealings in the last year with one Chinese company and they have been great. I have a couple of Alibaba windows open on my computer right now trying to find some specialized products, (gear boxes, fittings and valves)

    My concern is that flash drives are such a commodity item I have to wonder if you will really find the market you hope to. There are a lot of unique items on Alibaba that may be far less competitive. Sometimes you are better off having a less popular item with little competition than a common item with 25,000 people trying to sell the same thing.
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