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    It sucks for fans and all these employees in the west, although I understand from a business side. The majority of the devs they are currently employing are for the phone games. Classic is developed so it is going to get hurt the most. The item is activision. They'll make from these mobile games when WoW Classic Gold completely dries up they would not care. They didn't realize program based games would be the thing to do to maximize gains. Its if you prefer computer games its approaching the end of pc games that are activision, although if you like cell games. Although I do anticipate a WoW Classic expansion ever couple years for at least a couple more years.

    You know what would've been perfect? If each expansion had something like a"you completed x percent of random expansion". And you get a list of articles with that expansion which you havent done yet. And after a certain percentage you unlock another expansion BUT can choose to remain in your present one and do more stuff. It would continue to keep your level locked for that growth and you couldnt buy things (on the auctionhouse for example) you couldnt get at your locket expansion.I know we've achivements, however (to some noob like me) achivements are just random things that you cet charge for, I get an overview of how much X-expansion I actully finished, and what could still be left for me to see and do.

    Go play on servers for 6 weeks. youll see. Not over 10 more like 2% of people who reach max level on personal server really even make it. They quit playing. Thats the truth. Its NOSTALGIC to level up to 60 AND THATS IT. Its fucking boring after that. And everyone experiences the exact same thing. The men and women who remain are severe diehard fans and IM SORRY BUT. You reading this right now, you're going to hit max level in classic WoW Classic and you are going to switch back to contemporary WoW Classic. Youll see. Your friends will do the same. Your Classic WoW Classic guild will probably be vacant from the time you spend your month subscription that is $15. CLASSIC WoW Classic IS A GIMMICK intended to get one to sub to contemporary WoW Classic again (they're the same subscription). Thats it.

    The number of times this would occur would be very tiny. I have been enjoying vanilla a fair bit and getting groups together to get dungeons and actually doing them is hard enough let alone running into a 4 group operating together that is also unethical. I don't think that it will be that much of a issue. Adding it would be useful Buy Gold in WoW Classic. I had my buddies end up with the loot I was meant to have times and roll on accident that I can remember but never a 4 team rolling through. When the servers are standalone and not crossed, you'd remember these folks and word spreads quick if it's done a lot.

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    Although this is a poor attempt at link dropping for a product that violates WoW's ToS, as a former player, both raid and PVP, I'm curious why you think that Classic servers are a joke. So long as they bring back the uniqueness of the classes and factions, as well as the now ignored RPG elements I think this is a good move. If they can stick to story driven play rather than forcing players to do all things (why are raiders forced to participate in WPvP in order to advance the story line), I think they may be on to something even though it may require a rewrite from the Cataclysm XPac on. Interestingly, this is when Activision acquired Blizzard.

    The current game caters to the I want it now demographic. LFG and LFG, initially seen as a quality of life improvement, have been taken over by trolls and groups of players that are toxic to the game. There are good groups, but they are few and far between. Outside of mythic difficulty, mechanics have been dumbed down to the point that competent players can ignore them completely and the toxicity that exists in the group finder results in the berating (not the friendly kind between guildmates) and strongarming of those who make a mistake.

    With that said, if my old guild (Dead Reckoning, Azshara-US) got back together, I will seriously reconsider my retirement from the game.
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