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    I've come here looking for advice. I won't get into things too much but suffice it to say I'm divorced (lost everything including all my rental properties and even furniture/cars/kitchen appliances some years ago) over educated and with 20+ years in mostly government and sometimes in consulting offices. I've been trying to get a regular job again for years now but don't even get interviews for positions where I have 4-5x what the requirements are and 3-4x the experience.

    I'm sick of living this way so here I am.

    I live very rural in eastern Canada, am not from here and don't speak french which is a big deal in this pace even for getting jobs at hardware stores. I've tried.

    I'm looking for ideas to basically make money. Ideally from home or a home based business. My time spent trying to make the world a better place got me exactly where I am so now I'm hoping someone out there has a decent piece of advice for a business. I've my own ideas of course but financing is a big issue.

    Sorry to rant. I'm just tired

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    What skills and tools equipment do you have? There is a lot of work around here but a lot of it is entry level warehouse and machine shop type work.
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    That's one of the problems.

    I've two BAs and a Masters degree and I'm older.

    I did spend 12 years working in the restaurant industry putting myself through school but that was a while ago as in mostly pre-internet.

    So yeah, basically zero skills that way. I can build decks, sheds, etc, do a bit of basic plumbing and I'm not an idiot but I can't compare to real tradesmen.


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