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Thread: Ideas for having employees handle cash

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    My business transacts in cash and I am trying to wrap my head around how to manage this when I am offsite.

    When an outside sales person comes by dropping off cash and I am not around, what is a best practice to make sure my employee deposits the full amount?

    Is there some sort of device? I am picturing a cash counting machine that also doubles as a safe. Basically an ATM but those are very expensive.

    If you are wondering, we have a bank account but have not been able to move entirely past this cash issue and it is keeping me tied down to the business location more than I otherwise would be.

    Thank you!

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    One option would be to have something like a numbered receipt pad and require the employees to give each customer who pays cash a receipt and then put up a very noticeable signs that says something like "$ 50.00 in store credit if you pay cash and the employee fails to give you a receipt." That might need some tweaking but you can see the idea.
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    As Turboguy said, give receipts and just have your employee place all funds received in a safe while keeping tabs on who dropped off how much.
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