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Thread: Free opportunity to publicise to other small businesses

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    Default Free opportunity to publicise to other small businesses

    Hi, I'm writing an article for the Sage Advice website on keeping financial records in small businesses. Would you be willing to be featured as a small case study in the article? It would involve a very short phone interview of about five minutes on the importance of keeping records and how you do it. We could also do it by email, if you prefer. My deadline is friday morning 2 August. Many thanks, Tim Cooper, copywriter

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    Tim I am interested in your interview but just read this post and perhaps too late. You are in UK. I am in US.

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    Hi Beetee, sorry I've just seen this. If another relevant article pops up I will let you know. Could you send me your email address please?

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    And thanks very much indeed for replying!


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