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    I wasn't sure where to put this.

    Maybe I'm jaded, but whenever a business offers me a "deal" I assume it is a deal for them. Take my HVAC people, if you sign up for their Maintenance Service Contract, they make you offers like you will have priority service, discount on parts, yada yada. Since I live in hurricane country, I do see the priority service as beneficial if you have a generator. But in the back of my mind I assume there is fine print that says if they cannot make it to inspect your generator before the storm too bad.

    What will a business have to do to change the mind of a consumer like myself?

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    Usually I show the value and it does not have to be a "deal". It really depends on the messenger and who is offering the service. It could be a newbie to the company or a seasoned person who shows the value ie benefits and features. I personally do not use the word deal. I can offer a true discount if they make a decision quickly but not a deal.


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