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    Do you think that online courses are an effective way to improve your skills or learn something new? Or is it better to take them not online, but in a specialized learning center?

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    It depends on what you are learning, but I say yes to both.

    I have taken courses online (Udacity) and I've taken courses locally.

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    It depends. Both online courses and personal tutoring have their own advantages – as well as disadvantages. Nowadays the speed of our life is growing rapidly, and I personally don’t want to waste my time. This is why I’ve chosen online tutoring for the purpose of learning German. While searching for a tutoring service I came across where they have a flexible schedule, and there are tutors who can work with me late in the evening or very early in the morning, when I have free time. I used to learn German in a traditional way (I mean offline) and the result was the same. My tutor explains everything to me in an online conversation, I receive and make different tasks and you know what? My knowledge of German is improving! So if the result is the same but the form is more convenient, then why not try it? Good luck!


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